Most people are looking for the beaches in Bali. If you also do that, you will miss many other interesting things on this beautiful island. Try to enjoy their culture as well as the social life of Balinese people. You can clearly see and even experience them by visiting the unique villages in Bali that is well-known for its beauty and trademark. Interested?

This is maybe the most interesting and unique village you can find in Bali. It is located near Lake Batur. What makes this village unique is how the villager treated the dead. Most of the people will bury them. And, in Bali, they cremate the dead in the Ngaben ritual. However, the people of Trunyan village don’t do that. They just place the dead under the Trunyan trees.

The Trunyan trees have special properties that neutralize the smell that come from the dead body. This tree works like incense. Therefore, you can find the skull and bones of the late, placed in order and beautifully under these trees. It is not scary at all. Many people who have visited this village were amazed by how unique this method is. In the end, they will value their life after they return from this village.

This village is the best place where you can see and experience the ancient tradition of Bali. This village is also known as Bali Aga. There are many things you can enjoy here. For example, the building has a unique layout and architecture. All buildings here were built with a small door that only one person can go through when they enter or exit the house. The building also faces north.

But, the main attraction you can find here is the ceremonies. The resident of this village keeps doing and preserving the original tradition of Bali. Therefore, you can find some of the rare ceremonies that only perform here, such as Mekare-Kare or Perang Pandan.

Located at the foot of Mount Batur, Penglipuran village is one of the most beautiful villages in the world. It even acknowledged as the cleanest village in the world. The air is really fresh. The green scenery gives you a really beautiful view that will please your eyes and heart. Just by staying in this village, you will forget all kinds of stress and problems that you have.

But, when you want to visit this village, make sure you don’t ride any vehicle. This village forbids vehicles to enter the village. That wouldn’t be a matter. You can use the vehicle to reach the bottom part of the Mount Batur. Then walk here on foot.

People that live in those villages hold firm the culture and tradition. They follow it with their heart. Therefore, when you visit those unique villages in Bali, make sure you learn beforehand about what you can and can’t do in those places. It will help you to enjoy the villages without breaking the law that can give you many problems. And, always go to those places with a guide. The guide will help you with this law and tradition stuff.