The Besakih Tour, which is under the Bali Full Day Tour Package covers the sightseeing activity of the biggest Hindu Temple which is located in the Karangasem regency. This temple is present at the foot of Mount Agung, which is part of the East Bali Island.

This temple which is called as the Besakih Temple is not only the biggest temple but is also considered as the mother temple in the Bali islands. The tour package of Besakih will cover at least 8 to 10 hours under the Bali Full Day Tour Package.

In this tour, you will get to witness the beautiful highland which is filled with plenty of Hindu temples. Apart from this, there are other interest points like the Barong Dance Performance, Bukit Jambul, Keta Gosa and the Coffee Plantation Agrotourism.

This tour package of the Besakih tour is one opportunity to see the nature of Bali, which is a combination of the beautiful scenery along with the religious temples in the view. The tour can be enjoyed with the private vehicle which comes with the air conditioning facility.

There is also a Bali Car Rental With Driver who comes along in the tour in order to assist the tourists and provide all the information needed. All the point of interests which will be covered in the tour is given below.

Besakih Temple

This temple which is considered as the Mother’s temple is the biggest Hindu temple in Bali. The locals here call the temple as Pura Besakih. The view from the top of the temple is breathtaking. From this view which can be spotted from the top of the temple the widespread nature of Bali until the ocean can be witnessed. This is one reason as to why tourists flock to this location.

Kerta Gosa

This is one of the historical sites of Bali. Located in the center of Semarapura town which is around 40 km from the Denpasar city this place is known for its ancient beauty. The name of the place is derived from Sanskrit. The word Kerta means serene and the word Gosa is taken from Gosita which means that it is either announced or established. This makes the name Kerta Gosa an apt name for the place.

Bukit Jambul

This is the name of the hill which has a large banyan tree in the top of it. This tree rests on the hill like crest which urged the local people to give the name Bukit Jambul to the place. In this scenario, Bukit means hill and the word Jambul represents crest.

Barong Dance Bali

The famous Balinese dance covers the Barong Dance. This dance represents the story of a fight between good and bad. Evidently, the good spirit Barong and the bad spirit Rangda fight between them self and this fight is portrayed in the dance. This dance is considered one of the strongest mythology of Bali.

Luwak Coffee Plantation Bali

Known as the Bali Agrotourism, the Luwak Coffee Plantation Bali is one the places to visit where one gets to see the Tropical plantations such as jackfruit, Balinese snake fruit(salak), coffee robusta,
durian tree, pineapple plain Balinese potatoes, cacao, fruit stars, and many other varieties. One gets to see the method of making the famous Balinese coffee in many sorts of ways.

USD 50 /Person

There is the option to choose from the two different price ranges. One is the Regular Package and the other is the Inclusive Tours Price. The details of the package are as given below.

  • The driver who is fluent in English
  • The entrance fee at the mentioned tourist destinations will be covered.
  • Indonesian style Lunch at a Local Restaurant for 1 person
  • Mineral water will be provided in between the trips.
  • Sarong to enter the premises of the temple
  • An air-conditioned vehicle inclusive of petrol
  • 08:00 – Pick up from the hotel
  • 09.00 – Watch the Barong Dance Performance
  • 11.00 – Go to Kerta Gosa
  • 12.15 – See the Bukit Jambul
  • 12.45 – Stop for Lunch at local restaurant in Bukit Jambul
  • 13.00 – Visit Coffee Plantation
  • 14.30 – Next Besakih Temple
  • 15.30 – Return to hotel
  • 17.30 – Arrive at the hotel
  • At least 2 people should book. In the case of one traveler, an additional charge of 50 percent will be charged.
  • A customized tour can be given under the Flexible Tour package
  • The option of Private Tour for couples where there will not be any other members of the tour.
  • In the case of credit card payment and an additional 3 percent will be charged.
  • No hidden fees anywhere
  • Children under the age of 11 will be given a 50 percent discount.
  • Infants under the age of 3 will not be charged
  • Payment should be done in Indonesian Rupiah and it should reflect the current exchange rate.
  • Payment can be done on the day of the trip or when meeting in Bali. For additional conditions, a minimum deposit will be required.
  • The deposit can be paid through the medium of PayPal.
  • There is the option given to make prior reservations. In case there are any clarifications needed regarding the mentioned packages or if the tour packages have to be booked then it can be done through the mail also.