Bali is famous for its beaches. However, most people only know the most popular beach, such as Kuta Beach or Jimbaran. Actually, there are many other beaches that have the same and even more beautiful than those the popular one. These hidden beaches in Bali are also really quiet, which give you so much freedom and different experience than those popular and overcrowded beaches. Are you interested to visit them?

This small beach is located near Padang Bai port. The name itself, “Tugel”, means it has been cut. Therefore, you also can see that this beach isn’t that big because its area has been cut by the rocky cliff. The location is pretty hidden and difficult to reach. You must walk on the small road for a couple of hundred meters from Padang Bai port. After you reach the “White Sand Beach”, you can follow the road behind that sign to the beach.

Nusa Penida is the small Island on the southeast of Bali. This island has many beautiful beaches. One of them is Atuh Beach. Surrounding this beach is really tall rock cliff. It’s like walls that protect this beach from anything outside. This rock formation also makes this beach feels like separate from the outside world. Visiting and enjoying this beach will become one of the best experiences you can get from your vacation in Bali.

You can find it in Nusa Dua. The road to this beach isn’t as challenging as the previous two hidden beaches. You can ask the locals where the location of this beach is. You also can visit Gunung Payung Temple and walk on its pretty long stairs to reach this beach. Here, you can try snorkeling, swimming or if you want, you also can join the locals to hunt sea urchins.

You can find this beach when you drive to Uluwatu Temple. Just ask the locals and they will give you direction to this beach. Its location is pretty hidden and far from downtown. Therefore, it’s really quiet and the condition is pretty much close to its natural condition. You can visit this beach and try the wave here. This beach is also one of the best spots for surfing.

You also can find this beach on the journey to Uluwatu temple. The location is hidden, therefore you need to follow a really difficult and long road to reach it. However, you won’t get bored. Along the road to this island, you can also enjoy the beautiful scenery of paddy field, mountain and the magnificent structure of rock cliff. Once you find the “Nyang Nyang Surfing Beach” sign, you just go down the stairs to reach the beach.

It is indeed difficult to reach those beaches. However, it’s worth your time. Once you reach one of those hidden beaches in Bali, all your fatigue and stress will be automatically erased by their beauty. So, don’t miss them whenever you visit Bali.