Most people visit Bali for its beaches. However, most of them don’t know that Nusa Penida, the small island located on the Southeast of Bali hold many beautiful beaches. The best of all, most of those beaches are not well-known. So, if you visit them, you can really feel the peaceful and relaxing atmosphere. Do you want to know more about Nusa Penida beaches? We have them listed for you below.

This beach is like a beach from another world. The location is pretty hidden, which is on the bottom of the rock cliff. The most interesting part is the rock cliff itself. You can see it has some kind of hole on its bottom. And, because of this hole, it forms a structure like a bridge on top of it. This beach is really quiet. The water surrounding it is also perfect for swimming.

Basically, if you want to relax, this is the best place you can visit. However, it would be better if you visit this beach with a guide. The route to reach the beach is quite difficult. The guide will help and of course, guide you to go to the beach safely.

The cliff surrounding this beach has a unique shape. It’s like a dinosaur. Therefore, many tourists call this beach as the T-Rex beach. You can see it clearly from the top of the cliff right at the entrance just before you walk down the road to the beach below.

The beach itself is really beautiful. The white sand, crystal clear water and of course, the beautiful cliff scenery around it is perfect for spending your day. Although this beach is really beautiful, this isn’t a popular vacation destination for locals and domestic tourist. Therefore, you can really feel the peaceful atmosphere in this beach.

We can call it one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. It’s not as hidden as other beaches that we mentioned before. Therefore, you can easily get anything that you need here, from a resort where you can stay during your visit, to the restaurant where you can enjoy the local or international delicacy.

Although Crystal Bay is really popular, the tourists and locals preserve this place, so its condition is still really good. You can really enjoy it without worrying about garbage and such that you usually find on other beaches in Bali.

Moreover, close to Crystal Bay, you also can find one of the best diving/snorkeling spots in Bali. You can see beautiful underwater scenery. And, if you are lucky, you can even see the rare fish, such as Giant Manta Ray and even Ocean Sunfish.

Among many Nusa Penida beaches, those three are what we consider to be the most beautiful beaches. However, we never said that the other beaches in Nusa Penida Island aren’t beautiful. They are all beautiful. In fact, try to visit them all, when you have a chance to go to this island. Guaranteed, you won’t be disappointed.